Starmer drew up emergency Government plan amid Tory chaos

Keir Starmer says nurses strike is 'badge of shame' for Tories

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During this time of disarray for the nation and calls for a general election, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer drew up an emergency draft of a plan for his government. According to a report by The Mirror, as Tory Ministers turned on each other in the search for Britain’s next prime minister, Starmer drew up a manifesto.

In the event of a snap general election, the Labour leader who was taking the polls by storm, ensured that he had a solid plan in case of Government downfall.

A senior Labour source told The Mirror: “We always wanted to make sure we were ready for an election.

“Given the chaos in the Tory party there were moments in 2022 when it looked like they could collapse at any time.

“We knew we had to be ready and part of that was having a manifesto in the drawer ready to go if there was an election that was called.”

One shadow minister said that Labour minister had been put on “accelerated policy” development to be “held in reserve” in case of a snap election.

The provisional document was drafted up by Starmer’s outgoing policy adviser Claire Ainsley and has only been viewed by a small number of officials.

With the next general election now expected to be held in 2024, Labour’s will continue to edit the manifesto in time for it to be shown to the public ahead of the election.

The declaration will outline Labour’s stance on a number of public issues and its plans for the country.

These will include the party’s policies on tax and spending, the cost of living crisis, climate change, and public sector reform.

The Labour leader’s website outlines a number of policies which he hopes to bring in under his leadership as Prime Minister.

For the economy, he wishes to increase income tax for the top five percent of earners and clamp down on tax avoidance, notably by large corporations.

Among other issues, he wishes to promote the abolition of tuition fees, “defend our NHS”, and “put the Green New Deal at the heart of everything we do”.

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Since the ousting of two Conservative prime minister in a matter of months and the arrival of Rishi Sunak in No 10, Starmer has enjoyed a lead in the polls.

This was caused by a number of scandals in the Tory party including Partygate and allegations of misconduct followed by Truss’ shambolic mini budget which caused panic in the financial markets.

One forecast in November predicted a 314-seat majority for the Labour Party and the Conservatives’ worst result in 100 years.

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