Sunak’s outrageous £13,000 heated swimming pool bill as Britons hammered by energy crisis

Partygate: Rachel Reeves wants Boris Johnson and Rishi to resign

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The news comes as the cost of living prices soars through the roof following a significant hike in energy bills last month. With prices increasing by up to 54 percent, many living in poverty had to make choices between heating and eating as the Chancellor indulges in his luxurious lifestyle.

Married to Indian billionaire Akshata Murthy, Mr Sunak, the richest MP in parliament worth a staggering £200m is building a £400,000 extension to his manor to include a gym, pool and tennis courts.

The cost of heating the pool could also rise by a further £3,500 per year with the rising cost of energy faced by already struggling Britons.

Local residents and constituents of the Chancellor have reacted in anger to the news.

A local market trader who did not give his name said: “That’s disgraceful, they should fill it with mud.”

Another, Pauline Porter, a pensioner said: “It is disgusting, especially in these times.

“They have no idea how normal people live.

“They just don’t care.”

Mrs Porter’s husband, Leslie, a retired steelworker said: “He is a millionaire many times over and it looks like he is rubbing out noses in it.

“He doesn’t have to worry about paying bills.”

Mr Sunak’s wife, worth an estimated £350m, caused a storm recently when it was revealed she enjoyed non-domicile status, allowing her to save millions of pounds on tax dividends. After a fierce backlash, Ms Sunak said she would now pay UK tax on all earnings.

Ms Sunak is thought to claim around £11.5m per year in dividends from her stake in Indian IT services company Infosys.

Politically, Mr Sunak also caused an uproar over his role in the so-called “partygate” affair, with the Chancellor receiving a fixed penalty notice for breaking lockdown rules.

Much like Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Mr Sunak has been on the receiving end of calls to resign.

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Labour officials have reacted angrily to news of the swimming pool, and its running costs.

Rachel Maskell, Labour MP for York said: “Could a Tory Chancellor be any more out of touch if they tried?

“He may have now given up his US green card but as far as most people are concerned Rishi Sunak is living on another planet.”

Members of the public also reacted with anger to Mr Sunak’s lifestyle.

Taking to Twitter, Brummie Boy said: “When you are willing to pay more to heat your new swimming pool than pay a pensioner to “live” on for a whole year then you are sadly out of touch, time you quit your £150,000 a year job.”

And James Heart wrote: “Whilst mothers and fathers struggle to feed their children, the man responsible adds a swimming pool to £1.5m manor while cutting welfare for 6 million.

“A man of the people? Don’t make me laugh.”

What do you think of the Chancellor’s plans for a pool that costs £13k a year to heat? Should Rishi Sunak resign? Should Mr Sunak’s wife cancel her non-domicile status and pay taxes in the UK for her millions of pounds in dividends? Let us know what you think by CLICKING HERE and joining the conversation in our comments section below – Every Voice Matters!

Last year, the couple applied for a new stone building on a paddock to house a gym, a 12m by 5m swimming pool, four showers and utilities and storage rooms.

According to industry figures, Mr Sunak’s new pool would require 116KW of electricity to maintain a 25C ¬temperature each day.

If he heats the pool every day with electricity from the mains, at a cost of 28p per KWh, amounting to £12,959.09 over a year.

British Gas says the average annual energy bill for a three-bedroom house under the new price cap is £1,970.57 – less than a sixth of the cost of heating Mr Sunak’s swimming pool.

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