‘They’ll clean VIP routes!’ Nicola Sturgeon ‘should be ashamed’ over state of Glasgow

Sturgeon ‘should be ashamed’ says Anas Sarwar

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Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has declared Nicola Sturgeon “should be ashamed of herself” over the rubbish-filled streets and rats facing visitors to Glasgow during COP26. Mr Sawar has argued the SNP leader has failed to address the concerns of street cleaners and bin collectors amid looming strike action. In response, Ms Sturgeon has accused the Scottish Labour leader of exploiting the city’s ongoing waste crisis for political gain.

 Mr Sarwar told Heart Scotland News: “Well it’s pretty clear Nicola Sturgeon would rather take selfies with global leaders than actually be here with the frontline workers trying to protect the local environment.

“And I’ve heard the words from Nicola Sturgeon about talking down Glasgow it’s a repeat of what she normally says when she says talking down Scotland.

“Frankly, she’s running down Glasgow and running down Scotland.

“She should be ashamed of herself for the way she’s addressed these workers and their concerns.”

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The Scottish Labour leader continued: “This is the lived environment for Glaswegians every single day.

“It’s not acceptable to have rats running in our streets. It’s not acceptable for our bins not to be collected. It’s not acceptable for us to have an environmental crisis here in Glasgow.

“I believe Glasgow is the greatest city in the world but part of loving Glasgow is being realistic about the challenges facing Glaswegians every single day. She might be able to ignore that but I’m not going to ignore the plight of the people in Glasgow.”

He added: “They’re going to make sure they clean up the VIP routes but actually, the real VIPs here are the people who live in this city every single day the people of Glasgow, and they need to see meaningful action all year round.”

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Nicola Sturgeon outlines Scotland's actions on climate change

“I want COP26 to be a success, I want it to be when global leaders come to Glasgow and turn the rhetoric into meaningful action so we can avert the climate emergency,” Mr Sarwar concluded.

“But we can only credibly lecture the world on the global environment and if we are protecting the local environment, and frankly that’s not what’s happening.”

It comes after Mr Sarwar invited the SNP leader to meet with street cleaners from the GMB union in Glasgowan offer declined by Ms Sturgeon 

Mr Sarwar said: “I think that language is not consistent with lived experiences that people have in Glasgow every day, or the experiences of cleansing workers.

“And I think, frankly, she doesn’t live in the real world. I think it’s arrogant, I think it’s out of touch and it doesn’t recognise the scale of the challenge.

“We want this to showcase our city but you can’t showcase the city while you’ve got an environmental crisis at the same time.

“You can’t showcase the city while there’s 1.3 million rats in our city.

“We can’t showcase our city where you’ve got workers in disputes, threatening strikes.”

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