Tobias Ellwood warns Suella Braverman migrant crisis to get worse

Migrant crisis will get 'significantly more serious' warns Ellwood

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The Conservative MP for Bournemouth East called on Suella Braverman to move on from “fantasy” immigration policies of the past two years and take a hard look at the surging problem that will come in the next decade. As migration has hit an all-time record of 504,000 so far this year, Tobias Ellwood said the measures touted by Suella Braverman and her predecessor Priti Patel have proven ineffective. And the challenges ahead could further break the already Britain’s broken immigration system, he added.

Speaking to GB News, Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood said: “This problem is going to get significantly more serious over the next decade – not just in Dover but in Europe as well – because of the consequences of climate change.

“There’s going to be parts of African and Asia, which will become inhospitable. They won’t be able to grow crops there. The state will have problems in controlling issues. 

“And people will then flood in biblical numbers to Europe and including to the UK.

“We have to get this right. We have to look at the source of the problem.”

Mr Ellwood said the three issues at stake are growing climate catastrophes, proliferating gangs and the lack of an alternative to the EU’s immigration scheme.

He said: “Why do people choose to take the biggest decision of their lives to pack up, turn their back on place like Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and so forth?

Mr Ellwood noticed “ironically” Britain and the international community sought to help those countries but later abandoned them to their fate. 

“Then, there’s the gang issue of course which we’re not really focusing on collectively.”

The Tory MP added Britain’s withdrawal from the EU’s Dublin convention was an act of self-harm, as Britain is no longer allowed to return migrants to the first EU country they step foot on. 

“A lot of work to be done here to get this right. 

Slamming Suella Braverman, Mr Ellwood added: “But at the moment, we’re chasing almost fantasy policies as the Rwanda Policy and the Navy, thinking that’s going to solve this.”

The Home Secretary is facing five legal challenges over a crisis at Manston processing centre, as more than 4,000 people seeking refuge were housed in the Kent processing centre, which was designed to hold only 1,600 and to process them within 24 hours, in a potential breach of the Home Office rules. 

As a result of the mishandling of the immigration system, infectious diseases broken out and one person died of what the Home Office believes is a diphtheria infection. 

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Braverman said the Home Office has received five pre-action letters regarding Manston, which could lead to judicial reviews examining who was to blame for allowing a buildup of asylum seekers and a failure to move them on to hotels.

Asked who was to blame for the backlog of cases at Manston, Braverman said she did not want to “point the finger of blame” at any home secretary.

“I tell you who’s at fault, it’s very clear who’s at fault, it’s the people who are breaking our rules, coming here illegally, exploiting vulnerable people and trying to reduce the generosity of the British people – that’s who’s at fault,” she said.

The Home Secretary has come under closer scrutiny after The Independent revealed she trained Rwanda’s government lawyers between 2008 and 2010. 

At the time, she suggested that the country did not have a “properly functioning legal system”, but told MPs this week that Rwanda was a “fundamentally safe and secure country” suitable for receiving asylum seekers from the UK.

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