Tories are doing better! Burley points out MORE people were living in poverty under Labour

Rishi Sunak baffles MP with claims Universal Credit is 'generous'

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The deputy Labour leader hit out at Chancellor Rishi Sunak for not going far enough to help households through the biggest drop in living standards since the 1950s, despite announcing tax cuts in a half-yearly budget update. Speaking to Sky News, Angela Rayner said: “British families now are facing a double whammy at the moment. They’ve got a national insurance tax hike that’s coming through and they’ve also got this energy crisis.

“We’ve said that the energy companies have made windfall bumper profits that they never expected to.

“We’ve put windfall taxes on those companies before, we think we should be doing that now to help British families for what is a crisis for them.

“People are feeling really scared about how they’re going to pay their bills. We’ve got to address that and I think both the low growth we’ve had and the high taxes the Chancellor is inflicting on our country is not right for our economy.”

Ms Burley interjected: “Looking at figures and the last time the Labour Government was in power in 2010, the percentage of people in absolute poverty after housing costs was just over 20 percent.

“It’s 18 percent so, this Government is doing better than you did.”

The deputy leader hit back: “I don’t believe this Government is doing better.”

The Sky host added: “But that’s what the figures say.”

Ms Rayner continued: “If you literally look at how people are struggling at the moment if you ask anybody, they’re really struggling.”

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