Tory civil war erupts during Boris’ speech: ‘It’s about what we can afford!’

Boris Johnson to ‘bring forward’ living wage rise says insider

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During his keynote speech to close the conference, the Prime Minister revealed more details of his “levelling up” agenda. He insisted he was changing the direction of the British economy, shifting away from a reliance on cheap imported labour. The Prime Minister admitted his changes to the economy after Brexit will occasionally be “difficult” but insisted they will result in a fairer “low tax” system.

Mr Johnson told the packed auditorium: “That’s the direction in which the country is going now – towards a high-wage, high-skilled, high-productivity and, yes, thereby a low-tax economy.

“That is what the people of this country need and deserve.

“Yes, it will take time, and sometimes it will be difficult, but that is the change that people voted for in 2016.”

The Prime Minister added: “We are embarking now on a change of direction that has been long overdue in the UK economy.

“We’re not going back to the same old broken model, with low wages, low growth, low skills and low productivity – all of it enabled, and assisted by uncontrolled immigration.”

But Tom Tugendhat, the MP for Tonbridge, Edenbridge and Malling, who is also chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee hit back at the comments from Mr Johnson. 

He tweeted: “Rising wages are great unless prices rise faster.

“Inflation matters – it’s about what we can afford and how families make ends meet in a tough month.”


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