Truss erupts as she confronts Starmer with Labour failures

Starmer launches attack on Truss minutes after PM election

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer told the Commons that “energy producers will make £170bn in excess profits over the next two years”. He added: “The Prime Minister knows she has no choice but to back an energy price freeze, but it won’t be cheap and the real choice, the political choice is who is going to pay. Is she really telling us that she is going to leave this vast excess profits on the table and make working people foot the bill for decades to come?”

Liz Truss replied that she understood people were “struggling with the cost of living” and energy bills.

She added: “That is why I as Prime Minister will take immediate action to help people with the cost of their energy bills and I will be making an announcement to this House on that tomorrow.

“We can’t just deal with today’s problem, we can’t just put a sticking plaster on it.

“What we needed to do is increase our energy supplies long-term and that is why we will open up more supply in the North Sea which the honourable gentleman has proposed, open more power stations which the Labour party didn’t do while in office and get on with delivering the supply as well as helping people through the winter.”

The Prime Minister added she would reform the UK’s overall energy mix by building more nuclear power stations and exploring more fossil fuel supplies in the North Sea.

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