‘Utter nonsense!’ Falconer rages in Brexit Bill row as he threatens to launch Lords revolt

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Lord Falconer argued against the Brexit Internal Market Bill set to go through the House of Lords this week by threatening to lodge a motion in opposition to the Bill in order to remove the “illegal part of the Internal Market Bill”. While speaking to Sky News, Lord Falconer argued the Government was spouting “nonsense” in their claims the Bill would safeguard the peace process in Northern Ireland. He argued that this action from the UK Government would force the EU to close the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

This action would then threaten the overall peace between the two countries, according to Lord Falconer.

Sky News host Niall Paterson said: “Boris Johnson has said the whole point of this particular legislation is to safeguard the Northern Irish peace process.

“I wondered your view on that?”

Lord Falconer snapped: “That is such utter and obvious nonsense.

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“The way the peace process is safeguarded is by keeping that border open.

“I think everyone, including Boris Johnson, agrees you need that border open to safeguard the peace process.

“The way the European Union was given confidence that goods circulating in Northern Ireland would not break the rules of the European Union single market was by the terms of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“If the British Government is now saying, ‘oh actually we are about to break it’, what is the remedy for the EU?

“The only remedy they have got, in effect, is to close that border.

“It is the British Government that is putting the peace process at risk.”

The Sky News host argued there were arguments being put forward in the House of Lords that would prefer to break international law than see Northern Ireland separated from the rest of the UK.

Lord Falconer claimed that the UK Government is able to avoid both of these things, however.

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He said: “They are not alternatives, you can have both.

“That is what the British Government achieved in the Northern Ireland protocol agreement.

“That is what the Prime Minister said at the time, this is a way of having an open border on the island of Ireland whilst preserving Northern Ireland as a part of the United Kingdom.” 

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