Voice of the Mirror: Floods disaster shows Boris Johnson is an uncaring disgrace

Times of adversity often bring out the best side of people, but the floods have definitely not brought out the best side of Boris Johnson – if he has one.

During the disaster, there have been true feats of heroism, great examples of community spirit and hundreds of small acts of kindness.

Friends, family and neighbours have rallied round those in need. People have put their own lives at risk to help others in peril.

The one person who has failed to rise to the occasion is the Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson has yet to visit any of those affected, has failed to lead from the front and has refused to convene the emergency committee Cobra.

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He doesn’t seem to care that lives have been lost, hundreds have been made homeless and businesses left ruined.

All he’s done is bolt to the comfort of his country retreat of Chevening.

At the very least he could thank the volunteers, emergency services and civil servants who have worked round the clock.

His silence and lack of leadership shame his office.

Sense needed

From the end of this year we will once again have control over our own borders.

Freedom of movement for EU citizens will end and those seeking to live and work in this country will have to meet strict new criteria.

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The Government wants to attract what it calls the “right talents” and reduce the number coming to this country with low skills.

Ministers must get the balance right.

Generations of migrants have made the UK a richer society, economically and culturally.

The Government also needs to note that many employers, such as care homes, agriculture and hospitality, depend on foreign labour.

It is important these new controls are monitored and, if necessary, updated.

We need to police our borders, not raise the drawbridge.

Basil’s goodbye

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Basil Brush led tributes at the funeral for much-loved actor Derek Fowlds.

A fitting way to raise the mourners’ spirits and bid Derek a fond farewell.

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