Who is foul-mouthed anti-Brexit protester Steve Bray?

Steve Bray gatecrashes fringe event at Tory conference

An anti-Brexit protestor was hauled out of the Tory conference on Monday after gatecrashing an event and shouting profanities, but who is he?

Activist Steve Bray stood up during a meeting organised by the pro-Brexit Bruges Group think tank and began shouting.

The discussion was on whether the Tories could win the next election and was due to be led by Lee Anderson, but the Ashfield MP pulled out at the 11th hour.

Wearing a blue T-shirt which read “stop the Tories”, Mr Bray interrupted a speaker to question if Britain has benefited from Brexit.

He ranted, as he said: “Brexit benefits, my a***. What a load of bull****, never heard so much c*** in all my life.”

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Bray was quickly removed from the Manchester event by security, shouting “losers” as he left the room.

Steve Bray, 54, became notorious in 2018 and 2019 when he held daily protests in Westminster and interrupted TV broadcasts and interviews by standing in shot with banners or being heard in the background chanting.

He says he had never attended a demonstration before the Brexit referendum.

One of his stunts was in 2017, when he spent £8,500 on a float of Theresa May’s head with a pistol marked ‘Brexit’ in its mouth.

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In 2020, Bray discarded his usual anti-Brexit garb in favour of a Soviet general’s parade uniform. He blared the USSR national anthem along Whitehall to protest the alleged Russian interference in the Brexit referendum.

A year later, a complaint was filed to Brighton and Hove City Council after Bray loudly played the Anthem of Europe on his speaker system outside the Labour Party Conference.

And just a few weeks afterwards in October 2021, Bray put a toilet outside the Downing Street gates to protest MPs voting down an attempt by the House of Lords to toughen up the approach to the dumping of raw sewage into rivers and beaches.

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