Who voted to send sewage dumping bill BACK to Commons? How Lords voted – full list

Farmer speaks out over sewage being pumped into a local river

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Lords in Parliament’s upper chamber got the chance to debate about its sewage bill amendment following its path from the Commons today. The amendment, made by the Duke of Wellington, would have compelled companies to make sewage discharges. The Commons had already sent it back last week, but now will have to vote again following a majority vote in the upper chamber.

Which MPs voted to send the environment bill back to Parliament?

The House of Lords vote passed 213 “content” votes to 60 “not content”, giving the contents a majority of 153. 

Lords have asked the House of Commons to reconsider the amendment that would ask companies to “take all reasonable steps” to prevent sewage outflow into UK watercourses. 

In effect, it would pin a legal duty on companies to “secure a progressive reduction in the adverse impacts of discharges from storm overflows”.

The bill now goes back to the House of Commons, where the Government will table its own amendment.

The vote was split almost entirely down party lines. 

A total of 59 Conservative Lords voted to allow the bill to pass through Parliament without the sewage amendment attached. 

Only one unaffiliated member – Baroness Kate Hoey, a former Labour MP – voted “not content” with them. 

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