‘Abandoned Russian trench’ amid fierce fighting sparks brutal Twitter jokes

The Twittersphere is dining out on image of a reportedly abandoned Russian trench near Kyiv.

The photo was posted by OSINTtechnical, an American journalist and co-host of The OSINT Bunker Podcast and claims to be of a derelict Russian army camp, dug into the ground in what appears to be a forest.

It contains a row of office chairs, a pair of dining chairs and a shabby IKEA-esque side table littered with crockery and cutlery, a mug, a glass, a chopping board and a thermos.

A couple of crates of nondescript junk, what appears to be a washing up bucket, and a tool box are scattered about, and an extension cord runs from behind the chairs and into the trench behind the main camp.

Behind the main camp, tarps have been strung up between tree offering possibly protection or coverage from above.

This "military camp" is reminiscent of makeshift homes set up under bridges by people experiencing homelessness, or as part of a shanty town. So naturally, Twitter has a lot to say on the image.

"A fixer-upper with some real potential. Beautiful untouched forest right at your doorstep", tweeted one user, while another posted: "This in NYC would cost 2300$/month".

Another user wrote: "Reminds me of my children’s blanket fort. If they can’t see you then you must not be able to see them!"

While another person commented: "Looks like a homeless camp, just missing shopping carts."

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Some users believe the image has been staged, with one Twitter user posting: "Trees and soil profile look wrong for Kyiv area. Also appears to be possibly be a beach in the background."

Anther non-believer tweeted: "I think this is a either staged or a Ukrainian position. No one carries [an emoji of a chair] to a war. I guess the only thing needed at this set to convince me is a Russian flag."

The picture comes as Putin pivots tactics and focuses on making gains in Ukraine's east following his inability to capture Kyiv after six weeks of brutal and relentless fighting.

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While savage, Putin's invasion of Ukraine has been one of bungled efforts, confusion, deserting Russian soldiers and comes at a great cost to the Russian forces.

The Daily Star previously reported that Vladimir Putin's "best fighters", the 331st Guards Parachute Regiment, have lost 29 soldiers since the war began, and France24 reports the Russian despot has lost seven of his top military generals according to Ukraine officials.

In total, Ukrainian officials claim to have killed 15,000 Russian military personnel, CNN reports, however the Russia's official death toll stands at 498.

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