Adult star accused of stabbing son and dumping body on Lidl counter

A former porn actress is accused of killing her toddler son and leaving his body on a Lidl checkout as she frantically tried to get help.

Katalin Erzsebet Bradacs, 44, was arrested and taken into custody after being charged with the murder of her son, Alex Juhasz, last Autumn.

The Hungarian national and nightclub dancer entered a Lidl store in Umbria on October 1.

Reports say she entered the supermarket with her son's bloodied body shouting for help.

The youngster was placed on a counter where he was pronounced dead, it was shown he had nine stab wounds on his body to his chest and neck.

Health workers treated the mother at the scene and she was subsequently arrested by police after a knife was found in her handbag.

A woman's jumper and the youngster's bloodied t-shirt with nine puncture holes in it were found in a nearby disused building among other items.

Police believe the motive for the crime was revenge against the father's child, who was in a custody case with Katalin.

The father, from Hungary, alerted authorities after a photo of his dying son was sent to his mobile phone via WhatsApp.

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The mother, who was taken into custody, repeatedly denied the allegations, saying to police "I did not kill my son" when taken for questioning.

She reportedly gave three contradictory recounts of events before remaining silent on advice of her lawyer Enrico Renzoni.

Bradacs had been living at the home of a now-closed nightclub manager where she had worked and with whom she remained in contact with.

She also has an 18-year-old son, who lives in Hungary, and whose father is deceased.

According to Norbert Juhasz, the dead toddler's father, Katalin had fled to Italy with the younger in September 2021 after a court granted Juhasz custody of the boy.

Since then, the father has claimed that when Katalin was pregnant with their child, she would hit her belly and took steroids.

Witnesses also report having seen the woman mistreating her toddler the day before the crime.

The suspect was taken into custody at a prison in the nearby city of Perugia.

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According to Hungarian news site Bors, the trial is underway in Italy and Bradacs may escape prison time.

The defendant is set to undergo a psychiatric evaluation at the end of the month, and if deemed unfit to take the stand, will receive involuntary psychiatric treatment.

The defendant's parents Gyorgy and Erzsebet have said they will continue to support their daughter despite expressing concerns that she could kill herself if she does not receive specialist treatment.

Her father said: "I hope they can cure her and she will realise what she has done".

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