Aggressive MMA fighters kicked off flight after going beserk over lost earphones

Two MMA fighters were kicked off an AirAsia flight after losing their cool over earphones and proceeding to tear the cabin apart.

In shocking footage, the fighters could have been mistaken for thinking they were in the cage as they kick up a fuss over the lost earphones.

The situation became heated when one of the men acted aggressively when discovering he had lost his earphones on board the plane.

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His failure to keep his cool eventually lost him his seat on the flight as the pair were finally ejected for their antics.

The TikTok clips which have been spread over three parts have racked up over 4.2 million views combined were caught on camera by @_aizatrahman, a fellow passenger on board the Phuket, Thailand to Kuala Lumpur AirAsia flight on Boxing Day.

But, it wasn't just their aggressive demeanour that caused outrage amongst passengers it was also their foul-mouthed outbursts that frustrated those on board.

The infuriated pair can be heard hurling expletives such as 'F*****g mutts' and they 'don't give a f**k' whilst thier increasing anger also saw them starting to hit the cabin compartments.

One of the attendants on the flight could be seen trying to reason with the men saying "It is not our (cabin crew’s) decision, it is the flight captain’s decision." after they had been told to leave the plane.

The TikToker also claimed that the chaos had caused the flight to be delayed by 1.5 hours.

Much to the delight of the other passengers onboard the pair did finally cooperate and leave the flight, not before hurling more expletives at the passengers.


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