Alberta energy company under fire for image appearing to depict Greta Thunberg

Warning: This story contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

Rocky Mountain House, Alta., Councillor Michelle Narang told Global News she almost cried when she saw a photo of the image, which she said was sent to her by a friend who works in the oil industry.

“I sat on it throughout the day and thought, ‘There’s no way I’m going to be quiet about this because it’s not OK. It’s absolutely not OK.’”

Disgusted, she shared her thoughts and the photo in a post on Facebook.

“This company represents everything that the oil and gas industry needs to fight against,” Narang said to Global News while reading what she had posted online.

“I am absolutely sickened that X-Site Energy Services would think that the hard-working men and women in the energy industry would condone this representation of a child clearly being raped.”

She didn’t feel the sticker could be ignored so she said she called X-Site Energy Services general manager Doug Sparrow to ask him if they had made the stickers.

“His response when I asked him if he was aware that there are stickers circulating with his logo depicting the rape of Greta Thunberg. He said yes, that he is aware,” Narang said.

“And I said, ‘So you are fine with an image that your company condones the rape of children?’ And he said, ‘She is not a child, she is 17.’”

Due to the graphic implied nature, Global News has chosen to obscure part of the image.

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