Andrew Tate’s ‘pal’ accused of ‘branding women with tatts to show he owned them’

An Andrew Tate wannabe who allegedly forced his victims to get tattoos of his name or face as "proof he owned them” has been arrested.

Romanian influencer Vlad Cristian Obuzic, reported to be a friend of Tate's, has been arrested on allegations of human trafficking and forming a criminal group to sexually exploit seven women.

According to prosecutors, he used violence and threats to force the women to produce extreme pornographic content.

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“To ensure the victims’ loyalty and that they will perform only to the benefit of the members of the group, they were forced to tattoo the name or face of the group member exploiting them,” prosecutors said.

Obuzic, who has close to 51,000 followers on Instagram, is accused alongside two other men. The trio allegedly snared women with promises of relationships or marriage before coercing them into making porn videos.

A prosecution source told The Sun: "Vlad Obuzic has been arrested for 24 hours and will be presented on June 14 in front of Bucharest court with the proposal of a legal measure.

"Mr Obuzic, together with two other people, determined several women, through psychical and physical violence, to produce materials with explicit sexual content, for an online platform dedicated to adults."

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"The three persons got big amounts of money because of their acts," the prosecutor added. "We cannot say for the moment if there are connections between this file and other human trafficking files, including one of Tate brothers."

Meanwhile the charges against Tate, his brother, and two other suspects have been upgraded.

The self-styled “misogynist influencer” is now being investigated for a more severe grade of human trafficking than the original charges brought, according to a spokesperson for Romania’s DIICOT anti-organised crime prosecuting unit said

Lawyers acting for the Tate brothers insisted that the changes to the charges actually improved their situation. “The legal framework has been revised and altered to ensure an impartial investigation is upheld,” they said in a statement.

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