Anti-vaxxer who wore fake arm to avoid Covid jab forced to have vaccine

A man who wore a fake arm to avoid getting the Covid-19 jab has now been forced to have the vaccine.

Italian dentist Guido Russo wore a silicone and foam arm that he bought on Amazon in his barmy bid to avoid getting the coronavirus jab at the Biver Banca di Biella vaccination centre in the city of Biella on December 2.

The 57-year-old was already known for his anti-vaccination opinion and a sign on the door to his practice in Biella says: "The presentation of the green pass is exclusively VOLUNTARY."

Russo was apparently suspended from the Order of Doctors, who have made vaccination mandatory for healthcare professionals in Italy.

Filippa Bua, the nurse who foiled the man's efforts, said: "He was a distinct person, like so many others, even smiling, which rarely happens of late.

"I immediately realised that something was wrong. We are professionals, but such imaginative things had never happened to me.

"When I touched the arm to feel it before the injection, I realised it was rubber foam."

She added: "He was wearing a stage bust and when I discovered it, he even tried to make a joke."

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She said he asked her to turn a blind eye to his foiled plan and let him go, but she refused and reported him to a doctor on duty.

The Governor of Piedmont, Alberto Cirio, said at the time he was caught: "It is incredible news, it seems like a joke, but there is nothing to laugh about: it is a very serious case."

Mr Cirio added that Russo will "now have to answer to justice" for not wanting to take the jab, and thanked the healthcare workers who spotted the bodysuit.

After the story hit the headlines around the world, Russo appeared on the La 7 television show 'Non e l'Arena' on Wednesday and claimed he carried out the stunt to get attention, admitting that he received the jab the following day.

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He told presenter Massimo Giletti: "You could tell from a distance that it was fake. I wanted everyone to arrive there in that moment, the centre bosses and the police.

"I wanted an audience for a small personal protest, nothing on a national scale.

"It was meant to be provocative, to ask whether Italians have free choice with the vaccination or not.

The dentist added: "I had to get vaccinated, I had to bow down to the state. The day after the incident.

"As the state has forced me to take the vaccine in order to live, I did it… I didn't want to get the vaccine, I'm against the Covid vaccine, I'm afraid."

However, he also admitted that the vaccine is the "best weapon" in the fight against the coronavirus, but that it should be a matter of choice.

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