Archie Battersbee’s mum targeted by cruel trolls who left noose at boy’s grave

Hollie Dance, the mum of 12-year-old Archie Battersbee who lost his life in a tragic TikTok challenge, says cruel trolls are tormenting her by leaving sick “gifts” at his graveside.

“We are 100% being targeted and I have even had death threats,” Hollie said.

“One of the worst things that has been done was somebody left a mock noose made out of plastic. They are absolutely tormenting the life out of us."

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Hollie told her local paper, the Essex Echo, that she had erected a gazebo over her son’s grave on Friday (September 23) because it was her birthday and she wanted to spend some time there.

The gazebo was only there because rain had been forecast, Hollie says, but some locals had complained that she had been having a party with loud music and drinking.

Hollie denies those claims, saying: “If you call a Starbucks coffee and a box of milk chocolates that somebody bought me for my birthday ‘partying’, then we are guilty. Otherwise it’s nonsense.”

Archie died of a brain injury following a period of strangulation, an inquest found last month.

Hollie found him lying unconscious in his bedroom on April 7 and his family believed he had been taking part in a dangerous TikTok 'blackout challenge'.

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After a lengthy legal battle, Archie's parents lost their appeal to keep him on life support and the child was transferred to a hospice where he died on August 6.

Hollie said that Archie “fought right until the very end,” adding: “I am so proud to be his mum."

After Archie’s death, Hollie spoke of the dangers of viral TikTok “challenges” that can cause injury or even death.

"If you have to use Archie as the topic to address it,” she said, “just please sit down with your children with regards to these online challenges”.

"Once you look into it, they’re so frightening.

"[It’s] heartbreaking, because I think, if I’d known about these challenges I could have had that conversation with him even the day before.”


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