Austrian police filmed patrolling shops demanding vaccine proof from citizens

Austria: Police patrol shops under new covid guidelines

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Startling footage appears to show Austrian Polizei demanding shoppers show their vaccine passports as they go about their day’s shopping. It comes as Austria has introduced a controversial lockdown only applicable to unvaccinated citizens. They now face a massive €500 (£426) fine if they break lockdown rules or an extortionate €1,450 penalty if they refuse to participate in vaccine passport checks.

Video shows officers swarming through shop floors towards groups of people as they keep an eye on shoppers. 

A group of three police officers can then be seen demanding proof of vaccination from shoppers who appear to hold out their vaccine passports.

While in other footage, police road blocks force drivers to stop their cars and give proof they have been jabbed to allow them to be out and about.

It comes as a massive two million unvaccinated Austrians have been plunged into a lockdown as the country faces a surge in cases.

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Following the decision to punish the unvaccinated, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said: “We are not taking this step lightly, but unfortunately it is necessary.

“In reality we have told one third of the population: you will not leave your [home] apart from for certain reasons.

“That is a massive reduction in contacts between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.”

The move means un-jabbed Austrians are only allowed to leave home for a limited number of reasons, such as for work or buying groceries.

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The measures will last for 10-days as Austria battles to keep rising infections down.

It comes as the seven-day infection rate in the country is more than 800 cases per 100,000 people.

The draconian covid measures come as only around 65 percent of Austria’s population is fully vaccinated, which is one of the lowest rates in Western Europe.

But the rules have prompted a ferocious backlash from unvaccinated citizens who have taken to the streets in protest at the controversial lockdown.

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Over the weekend, thousands of people protested outside the chancellery in the Austrian capital of Vienna, brandishing banners that read ‘Our bodies, our freedom to decide’.

While other protests erupted across the country demanding an end to the lockdown.

As of November 14, 11,706 Austrian’s have died of coronavirus.

While a further 11,552 cases were reported on November 14.

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