Babysitter and cop ‘sexually assaulted’ 12-year-old girl and took naked photos

A babysitter and her cop partner have been accused of sexually molesting a 12-year-old girl and taking naked images of her.

After a decade on from the alleged incidents, authorities in Virginia say the babysitter and former police officer are facing their accuser in court.

Local channel 13 News Now reports that jurors have been hearing form the alleged victim, who is now 25, who claims daycare worker, Kristi Cline, and now ex-Newport News Police Officer, Robert Jones, would sexually assault her, rather than look after her.

The channel says the woman, who says she was 12 when the abuse began, took the witness stand on Monday and testified regarding the alleged abuse that happened after school at Cline’s home between 2008 and 2010.

Both Cline and Jones deny the sexual assault charges they are facing.

The victim said Cline allegedly took naked photos of her and texted them to Jones.

She told jurors Cline forced her to do sexual acts with her, then Jones would come to Cline’s home and sexually assault her.

The victim also claimed that Cline and Jones told her if she ever told anyone about the alleged abuse that they would kill her.

The station says the victim got emotional on the stand when talking about why she came forward.

She said when her daughter turned six-months-old, she reported the alleged abuse, because she couldn’t imagine it happening to her daughter.

Attorneys for Cline and Jones said the victim is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and she made claims other people sexually abused her too.

They pointed jurors to several binders full of evidence that they say will prove Cline and Jones are innocent.

The attorneys said during the trial, jurors will hear from retired and active Newport News Police officers, and even Jones’ direct supervisors.

They said the timeframe for Jones' work schedule with the police department between 2008-2010 did not line up with the victim's after school schedule.

They told jurors not to fall for the victim's testimony.

Court officials said this trial is expected to last through Thursday.

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