Balearic Island holiday crisis as leaders plan to cut 100k in accommodation spots

Spain: New beach rules in could land tourists with £2,500 fines

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Chiefs on the Spanish archipelago, home to popular island holiday hotspots like Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, said their aim is to attract “fewer, but better” tourists to the islands. It comes as the Government discussed proposals to reduce holiday accommodation capacity by 100,000.

The plans sparked fury with the People’s Party slating the Government for its “tourism-phobia”.

PP deputy Antoni Costa said the Government “has taken off its mask and has shown its most tourism-phobic face”.

He said: “How many jobs, small and medium enterprises and self-employed are you willing to affect?”


The Government’s president Francina Armengol defended the plans, saying that if the goal is to have “fewer, but better tourists, we must make decisions”.

She insisted tourism remains the economic engine of the region, but “ensuring balance” with laws.

The plan to reduce the number of hotel beds is set to be implemented in four years.

Tourism Minister of the Balearic Islands Iago Negueruela said: “We want to improve competitiveness with measures that are necessary and that will set an international benchmark without endangering anyone .

”It is a law of progress that seeks an improvement in the competitiveness of the sector.”

But President of the People’s Party of the Balearic Islands, Marga Prohens, tweeted: “Armengol wants to make people believe that there is a choice between tourism-phobia and limitless growth.

“@ppbalears believes in a model of balance between tourism and sustainability.”

The news comes as part of an ongoing crackdown on tourists in Spain.

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Recently, Spain imposed a new rule banning all-inclusive alcohol in the most popular holiday spots, including Majorca and Ibiza.

The legislation bans happy hours, pub crawls and two-for-one drinks, as well as the sale of alcohol in shops between 9.30pm and 8am, and forbids the advertising of party boats in designated areas.

Mr Negueruela said the region “wants British tourists” but “doesn’t want this type of tourism”.

He said: “British tourism is essential for our islands.

“We share with the British Government the view that some images of British tourists are embarrassing.

“We want to put a stop to bad behaviour.

“From April to May this year we will increase the police presence in these areas and the number of inspectors.

“We will have zero tolerance for tourism excesses.”

Holidaymakers recently visiting the Balearic Islands have slammed the law as they found that their all-inclusive plan was not what they expected.

All-inclusive hotels are strictly limiting drinks to six per day, three at lunch and three at dinner.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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