BBC Weather: Brits enjoy last of warmth as mercury to tumble down 7 degrees at weekend

BBC Weather: UK set for 'cool and breezy conditions'

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A weather front across parts of southern Scotland and north-west Wales is set to separate the country in two today, BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor warned. Southern areas of UK are set to stay warm and dry with temperatures expected to reach 21C degrees as we move through the day. Northern parts, on the other hand, will experience cooler conditions with “breakouts of rain” expected as we approach the weather front. “Temperatures will take a tumble” as we move towards the weekend, with 7C degrees expected to be shed by Sunday. Temperatures, however, are set to reach 20C in southern areas of the country and 12C in northern areas of the UK as move through Friday, Mr Taylor said.

Mr Taylor said: “Today will be a cool and breezy day with a bit of rain around at times.

“But as we got to the next few days, we will see things turn a little quieter in terms of the weather.

“And there is a bit of warmth today in the south, cooler conditions in the north.

“And separating the two is this weather front.

“On the southern edge we have high pressure which is why things are warm in the south and to the north we will drag on air to the North Atlantic so a much chiller field.

“But on the weather front we will see outbreaks of rain, Northern Ireland, parts of the southern Scotland and north and west Wales.

“Sunny spells and a scattering of showers and they could become heathery and thundery and many southern countries will stay dry.

“The best sunshine this morning, clouding over in the afternoon with patchy rain heading towards the Midlands but we have temperatures across much of central and southern England in the high teens and low 20s and further north it is cooler through the day.

“But a chilly day in the breeze where we could see gusts of wind up to 40 miles an hours up to the Highlands and Islands.

“In the evening and overnight, cloud and patchy rain in the south and it clears away but we still have showers across Scotland and Northern Ireland as we go through the night into tomorrow but with clearer skies developing.

“The wind is falling lighter and temperatures will take a tumble and it will a fresher start to Friday.”

As we move into Friday, he said: “We will see an area of high-pressure building from the south-west and that will turn things dry for many with more in the way of sunshine for England and Wales and an isolated shower in northern England.

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“We are still on the edge of things for Northern Ireland and Scotland so the breeze is still notable, particularly further north and east and a few showers around, not as many as today.

“But temperatures between 12C and 15C compared to 20C and 21c we will see in southern counties of England.”

Referring to the weekend, he added: “Winds are going to be a bit lighter for the south of the country, but northerly breeze developing, some sunny spells to be added.

“A bit more cloud on Sunday, a few showers around too, with temperatures around 16C and 17C across the south and 10C or 11C across northern areas”.

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