BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood promises ‘return of sunnier skies’ as UK temperatures rise

BBC Weather: UK set for 'sunnier skies' and dry conditions

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BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood has promised Britons a return to “sunnier skies” with the latest forecast also showing a rise in temperature on the horizon. Kirkwood did warn BBC Breakfast viewers that the milder weather would also be met with a number of weather fronts bringing clouds along with them. The meteorologist argued that these clouds would be heavy enough in places to cause light rains and patchy drizzle.

Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “There is going to be quite a bit of cloud around, thick enough for some patchy light rain and drizzle.

“There is also some sunshine in the forecast today as well.

“Now where we have the sunshine is across parts of southern Scotland in through the midlands, northern England and you can see it has been pushed eastwards by a week weather front coming in introducing some showery outbreaks of rain.

“Now behind this weather front, we will see a return to some sunnier skies.”

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“But that will spark off some showers as well across parts of England and also Wales,” she added.

“For Nothern Ireland for Scotland, you will see some sunshine at times as well but equally there will be some areas of cloud with showers around and out temperatures today, 13 to 21 degrees.

“Yesterday Bridlington got up into the mid-20s though we are not expecting anything like that today.

“Now through the even and overnight, we will hang onto a few showers, there will be some clear skies, there will still be a lot of cloud and by the end of the night, you can see the first sides of a new weather front just starting to get in towards Northern Ireland.”

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BBC Weather: UK set for 'limited sunshine' and cloud

The weather presenter continued: “Not a cold night, temperatures falling away between 9 and 14 degrees.

“So what’s happening tomorrow is we’ve got two weather fronts coming our way.

“The first one pushing northeastwards bring some rain, the second one bringing rain in across Northern Ireland.

“So many of us will start off with mist and fog patches but also there will be some sunshine first thing in the morning.”

“Fair amount of cloud just like the last few days, thick enough here and there for some patchy light rain and drizzle, ” added Kirkwood.

The weatherwoman said Britain would pull up some warm air from the continent on Friday and into Saturday.

“So this weekend it is looking warmer,” she insisted.

“But it is going to be wet, don’t forget we have those weather fronts.”

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