BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of Easter rain over Bank Holiday weekend

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts warm temperatures

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood has predicted temperatures falling between 7C and 9C. Brits are expecting to see sunny skies and showers on Thursday as we head into the weekend.  Ms Kirkwood also predicted mist in the North of England and Scotland. The Met Office has issued no weather warnings across the country today.

Ms Kirkwood said: “Goodmorning everyone we’re going to take a look first of all into the Easter weekend.

“So it’s going to get warmer for all of us, it will be mainly dry, mainly because on Sunday there is a chance we could see some weather fronts coming in across the North and West.

“If that happens it will introduce some rain and some fresher conditions, and we’re looking at overnight mist and fog.

“Now talking of such things, on Thursday and Good Friday there will be some patchy mist and fog, lingering along the West Coast in the English Channel

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Ms Kirkwood added: “As we head through Saturday and Easter Sunday that’s more likely just to be in parts of the West Coast.

“And that will take the temperature down as well, today we’ve got a lot of clouds to start with.

“Rain pushing Northwards and Eastwards across Scotland, the cloud continuing to break through the day.

“So sunny skies developing but equally there will be showers, and some of them in the South could prove to be heavy and thundery.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “Now temperature-wise, we’re looking at seven to nineteen degrees.

“We’re not feeling as cool along the North Sea coastline today as it did yesterday as we have an offshore breeze.

“Now as we head through the evening and overnight the eminence of that rain clears away, and you can see how we’ve got that mist.

“Low cloud and fog lapping on the shore, and some of that pushing inland.


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Ms Kirkwood added: “By the end of the night a weather front will be making an appearance in Northern Ireland in the far West.

“Colder night than the one just gone and tomorrow we’ll start with some brightness.

“Still this mist and fog which will linger along the coast and then we’ll see some rain coming in across Northern Ireland and also Western Scotland.

“Temperatures across the course of tomorrow, ranging from eleven in the North to twenty in the South East.”

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