BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of ‘freezing fog’ as temperatures fall to -4C

BBC Weather: UK warned of freezing conditions

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Carol Kirkwood encouraged Brits to prepare for a major temperature drop this weekend. Temperatures are expected to drop in Scotland and Wales but in other parts of the country, in places like London, the highest will be around eleven degrees. Ms Kirkwood also explained that the fog and cold from the beginning of the week is set to push through into the weekend. There have been no weather warning alerts issued from the UK Met Office for fog and snow today but flood warnings have been issued for certain parts.

Ms Kirkwood said: “There will be some showers today, coming down this East coast at times.

“Wintery in the North York Moors and some of those rain showers which will be getting in across Norfolk and Suffolk.

“One or two showers in West Wales and Cornwall but they’ll tend to push out into the sea as we go through the day.

“So a lot of dry weather, a lot of sunshine around but feeling cold. Gusty winds in the North and also in the East where it will feel quite raw. 

Ms Kirkwood added: “Now as we head on through the evening and overnight we still have a lot of clearer skies.

“This cloud coming in across Scotland and also Northern Ireland will help maintain the temperature level a touch and it will also be thick enough here and there for spots of light rain or drizzle.

“So away from the West we’re looking at a widespread frost, and we can also see some fog patches forming actually across South-West Scotland and North West England.

“Temperature falling away in some rural parts to about minus six.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “As we go into tomorrow then, we’ll see that mist and fog lift. There will be a lot of dry weather once again a fair bit of sunshine.

“Still this cloud coming around an area of high pressure and here there will be more of a noticeable breeze.

“But if anything the wind not as strong down the North sea coastline tomorrow, so it won’t feel quite as cold.

“Having said that, it will still feel cold with about temperatures ranging from between five in London to about nine in Stornoway.


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Ms Kirkwood added: “Now as we head into the weekend the high pressure that been with us for a wee while is going to be with us until next week.

“Starts to slip a bit further South, we’ve got a weather front trying to come in across the North, it’s a cold front.

“So on Sunday just behind it, temperatures, where they have been highest in the West of Scotland, will just slip a little bit.

“But Saturday first of all, we’ve got a lot of dry weather central and Eastern areas, a lot of sunshine.

“Out towards the West we’ve got more cloud coming in, again thick enough for the odd spot of light rain and drizzle here and there.

“Strong winds Saturday eleven degrees, seven in London, and then as we whip into Sunday we’ve got our weather front sinking South taking some rain in it.”

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