BBC Weather: Europe braces for ‘cluster of thunderstorms and showers’ and ‘blustery’ winds

BBC meteorologist Ben Rich stated that Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria will experience tough weather conditions on Friday. Mr Rich added the United Kingdom will see patchy rain and clouds ahead of the weekend. 

Mr Rich said: “We have had some very wet and blustery weather moving across the northwest of Europe in recent days and there is more to come.

“There is a big area of low pressure in the Atlantic and that is throwing frontal systems across the British Isles.

“There will be further outbreaks of rain to come.

“There are very brisk winds and rough seas for some of these western coasts of Europe.

“With those winds coming up from the southwest it is dragging some warm air across many parts of the continent.

“That warm air will continue to work its way through Europe as we get to Friday.

He continued: “There is a cluster of showers and thunderstorms moving across Romania, Bulgaria and into Turkey.

“Friday is looking fine and sunny for Spain and Portugal.

“There will be clouds and patchy rain across the south of the UK.”

The BBC has also forecast conditions could turn wintry as October turns into November.

BBC forecasters suggested the rain could soon turn into snow in some parts of the UK.

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Its forecast read: “Wet and windy for a while longer. Drier mid-month.

“The weather is looking unsettled into early November, particularly across the northern half of the UK.

“Low-pressure areas will be driven eastwards over the north Atlantic and into the UK, depositing rainfall and ushering in blustery winds once again.

“Some of the showers over high ground in the north and west will fall as sleet, hail, and occasionally snow.”

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