BBC Weather: Kirkwood warns gusty winds to pummel UK as band of heavy rain closes in

BBC Weather: Gusty winds throughout UK ahead of heavy rain

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood predicted intense gusty winds which will last throughout the rest of the week in the UK. Temperatures are expected to fall around four to nine degrees in the North and thirteen in the South. Mr Kirkwood also predicted heavy rain coming in from Western parts of the country as clouds begin to break up and shift. The Met Office has issued one flood alert warning in the UK today, and a yellow warning has been issued due to strong winds in the North.

Ms Kirkwood said: “This morning it’s quite a murky start to the day, but we’ve got no frost to report.

“Certainly none causing any issues, and what we do have is a wet and windy start.

“Now the strongest winds this morning are going to be in the Hebrides where we’ll have severe gales.

“Which could lead to some disruption, they’ll slowly ease as we go through the course of the afternoon.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “After that murky start, well it should brighten up the further East that you are.

“It’s murky because you can just make out that front, it’s yesterday’s front.

“It’s weakening the cloud will break up but we have got some heavy rain coming in from the West.

“And the isobars which are squeeze, are telling you it’s going to be a windy day.

Weather: BBC predicts windy conditions with rain in the west

Ms Kirkwood said:” So the winds got more of a southerly component so it’s milder.

“But, we also have a cold undercurrent coming in later on across the North West.

“So the cloud continuing to break up, we’ll see some sunny spells develop across some central and eastern areas.

“But the heavy and persistent rain continues across Scotland and Northern Ireland.


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Ms Kirkwood said: “Edging into North West England, Wales and the South West later on in the day.

“Gusty winds, the black circles represent what you can expect at about four o’clock.

“The winds easing across Scotland and Northern Ireland through the course of the day.

“And temperatures, well we’re looking at about nine in the North and thirteen and we push down South.”

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