BBC Weather: Mercury to soar even further after hottest day of year recorded

BBC Weather: Mercury to soar after hottest day of year recorded

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A high of 29.3C (84.74F) was recorded at Heathrow and Kew Gardens in west London before 4.30pm on Thursday, surpassing the 2022 high of 28.2C (82.76F) recorded at Kew Gardens on Wednesday. A sweltering 34C (93.2F) is expected in London and potentially some spots in East Anglia on Friday, according to the Met Office. BBC Weather’s Ben Rich said: “We’ve seen temperatures today above 29C and those temperatures for some of us do have further to climb.

“But it has been cooler further north with temperatures in Scotland up to 20C at best because here we’ve had more cloud and some outbreaks of rain.

“That rain will continue to work its way in overnight, some rain for Northern Ireland and some heavy bursts for Scotland.

“Much of England and Wales will stay dry with clear spells.

“Just the small chance of a shower but one thing you will notice overnight, temperatures are not falling far.

“It may be 16C in places so a bit muggy and uncomfortable for sleeping.

“Tomorrow in England and Wales will be lots of sunshine although it may be a bit murky on the western coast but behind things will turn cooler.

“Ahead of that, 33C is looking likely across some parts of the southeast.

“Saturday will stay hot in southern areas but cooler and fresher further north. Through the weekend, we will see some rain at times particularly in southern parts.”

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However, experts – some of whom attribute the heat to climate change – have warned people of the dangers surrounding the hot weather.

Dr Radhika Khosla, of the University of Oxford, said: “The health implications of rising temperatures in the UK are serious.

“Important physiological changes occur in response to high temperatures including changes in our circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems.

“When these adaptive measures are not enough, the risk of cardiopulmonary and cardiovascular problems increases among older adults, young children, people with chronic conditions, athletes and outdoor workers.


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“Severe heat disrupts sleep, impairs cognitive performance and is associated with increased risk of suicide or hospital admission for mental illness.”

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and the Met Office have issued a Level 3 Heat-Health alert for London, the East of England and the South East.

This alert follows the Level 2 alert issued on Tuesday and confirms that the Met Office’s threshold temperatures for an alert will be reached in three regions from Friday.

A Level 2 alert remains in place for the East Midlands and South West.

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