BBC Weather: Summer returns in 26C heatwave as temperatures surge across UK – UV warning

Britain will bask in rising temperatures over the next three days according to the latest BBC weather forecast. BBC meteorologist Darren Bett said that temperatures will “rise by a few degrees everywhere” in the UK. The BBC weather map even showed temperatures reaching the mid-twenties following a week of persistent wind and rain.

Darren Bett told BBC Breakfast viewers: “The weather is looking much much better.

“Over the last few weeks it has not really felt much like summer but this weekend the weather is improving.

“The majority of places are going to remain dry right through the weekend. And it will get warmer as well with sunshine.

“We start the weekend dry and sunny in many places. There are a few showers in Scotland and into Northern Ireland, but those are few and far between.”

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He continued: ” On Sunday, we have high pressure across much of the UK. A lot of dry weather around.

“There will be some patchy cloud in the northern half of the UK but largely sunny as you move southward through Wales, the Midlands and into southern England.

“Winds will be turning a bit more southwesterly, which will push a bit more warmth into the UK.

“So temperatures will rising a few degrees everywhere. Possibly 23C – 24C in south-east England.

“We have a weather front arriving into the north-west which will bring some rain into Scotland and Northern Ireland on Sunday night.

“That weather front moves itself southward on Monday but its very weak.

“We are still looking at temperatures peaking at 24C in the south-east and up to 20C in Aberdeen.”


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Recent weather has seen the UK hit with persistent showers that saw some parts of the country drenched in up to 30mm of rain.

Forecasters have urged Britons enjoying the sunshine this weekend to wear sun cream, as UV radiation will be “high or very high”.

The Met Office said highs of 24C are expected for Sunday, before making way for potentially even warmer temperatures on Monday which could climb to 26C.

The return to summer warmth is expected to prompt many Britons to flock to beaches, outdoor spaces, and even BBQs.

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