BBC Weather: UK faces huge 10C temperature drop next week amid ‘last days of summer heat’

Britain will bask in the “final summer warmth” this weekend, before temperatures begin to plunge next Tuesday. According to the latest BBC weather forecast, Monday will be one of the last days of summer heat. BBC meteorologist Helen Willets warned that it was “all change after that” as a cold Atlantic weather front hits the UK.

The cold front will trigger a dramatic drop in temperatures, with London dropping 10C from 25C on Sunday to just 15C on Thursday.

Next week’s temperatures will be below-average for this time of year, according to the BBC forecast.

Willets told BBC Breakfast: “The weekend for most of us is still looking summery, with temperatures above average for this time of year.

“But, there is a massive area of low pressure, a massive area of cloud, across Iberia.”

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Willets warned of showers sweeping across Devon and Cornwall, adding: “This will bring some very unsettled weather brushing the southern shores of the UK, possibly bringing with it some showers.”

She continued: “For Sunday, there will be a lot of dry, quite sunny, quite warm weather. Temperatures could be as high as 25C tomorrow.

“But, right on cue for the autumn equinox on the 22nd September, it’s all change next week.

“On Monday, it is still warm for most, another fine day, another warm feeling day for the middle of September but it is all change after that.

“It will feel more autumnal, courtesy of this area of low pressure developing in the Atlantic.

“This will be bringing some very cold weather and a fair dose of rain for many.

“The weather front introduces colder air and temperatures dip right down, back down to well below average for September.”


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Places like Cardiff will see temperatures drop from 23C on Sunday to 14C next Thursday.

Before then, thousands of Britons are expected to flock to the beach to catch the last days of the “second summer”.

The Met Office has predicted the mercury to be 7C above the average for this time of year.

Brian Gaze, The Weather Outlook forecaster, explained: “Warm air will move into Britain from the region around Holland, with warm conditions and highs into the mid-20s.”

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