Be brave, be kind, don’t litter: What 2030 will be like, according to 8-year-old girls

International Women’s Day is about celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, but this year, we turned our attention to the women of the future.

Global News asked eight-year-old girls from across the country about their hopes (and fears) for the future, and the answers ranged from sweet and funny to downright inspirational.

They also have a wide range of concerns, from the environment to the gender pay gap and more. That’s why improving life for future generations of girls and women is the central focus for the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF), said vice-president of public engagement Andrea Gunraj.

“Girls are awesome and they have so much potential, but there are some things we feel really disturbed about,” said Gunraj.

A big concern for the CWF is the mental health of girls as they go through adolescence and into adulthood.

“In Grade 6, 36 per cent of girls say they feel self-confident. By Grade 10, this goes down to 14 per cent,” Gunraj said. “Twelve per cent of girls in the teenage years say they have experienced a major depressive episode at some point.”

This can present barriers for leadership, it can reinforce gendered stereotypes and it ultimately contributes to the oppression of women.

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