Bigfoot terrorised soldiers who had horror close encounter with ‘muscular’ beast

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    Bigfoot is said to have terrified soldiers in the Vietnam War, with one squadron having a particularly close encounter with a "muscular" beast.

    Surviving members of a platoon sent to Vietnam during the height of the American conflict are said to have been haunted by a so-called Batatut, a mythical beast.

    Alleged sightings of the Batatut predate that of the Vietnam War, with regions of Laos and Borneo alleging sightings within the country, but there are those who have "found" the Bigfoot creature deep in the jungle.

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    One such group said to discover the Batatut were a convoy of soldiers dispatched to Vietnam.

    They spoke of a beast that was around six feet tall, a hairy apelike beast which, according to legend, are extremely aggressive.

    The first recorded sighting of the Vietnamese Bigfoot was said to have been in 1918, but alleged encounters with the beast increased after sprawling jungles were explored further.

    Writing in an eyewitness account from the book, Strange but True Stories of the Vietnam War, author Kregg P.J. Jorgenson recalled the "strange encounter" between American troops and Batatut.

    He wrote of some resting troops: "It was a hot day. The six men from the 101st Airborne Division were taking a break in the middle of a mountainous jungle when the event took place.

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    "Despite the momentary resting time, they kept their five senses on, for they were aware that the Viet Cong could have very well tracked them, something the natives were exceedingly good at.

    "Suddenly, according to the men, a few small trees located fifteen yards uphill began clearly shaking. A long, cucumber-shaped head showed up. The face, the soldiers said, was covered in red hair with a pair of dark eyes and a huge mouth.

    "The creature then stepped out of the vegetation into a clearing, allowing the group to observe the rest of its muscular body, which was also featured by the same type of red hair."

    While the American troops may have confused a mythical beast for an orangutan, locals within the area had also claimed Batatut sightings including a series of "close encounters" with the beast speaking an "unidentified dialect", The Veteran Site reported.

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