Billionaire’s son killed by boat propeller after jumping in sea to save fiancée

The son of a billionaire was tragically killed by a boat propeller after jumping into the sea to save his fiancée in a freak accident.

Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez, 31, sadly died while trying to help Andrea Montero, 30, after she fell into the water during a fishing competition.

He was struck by the propeller after he dived from their 60-foot vessel which was around six miles east of the Ocean Reef Club in north Key Largo on Saturday (March 12).

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said in an accident report on Sunday that Alviarez was hit by the sharp blades and died instantly after jumping into the water.

It has been reported that he was competing in the Florida Keys fishing tournament which was hosted by the reef club, according to the Independent.

The report didn’t feature information about the wellbeing of his partner Ms Montero following the accident.

Mr Alviarez was the son of billionaire banker Juan Carlos Escotet Rodriguez, who is the president of the Venezuelan bank Banesco and the Spanish bank Abanca, according to Venezuelan publication El Nacional.

It has been reported that the tycoon is also a vice-chairman of the board of Banesco USA, the US division of the bank.

According to the company's website, Alviarez was the director of the division, as well as the director of the Banesco International Corporation.

The web page states that he had “vast experience in real estate development in the Miami area” and that he was a “graduate of the University of Miami”.

Alviarez was reportedly set to marry his partner Montero in November this year. He will be buried in Miami, reports New York Post.

It has been confirmed that Montero managed to survive the ordeal “without consequences,” according to journalist Angela Oraa on Instagram.

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