Blazing Boeing 747 wheel fired into orbit as it breaks free during take off

A Boeing 747's tyre burst into flames then fired off high into the sky during a take-off gone wrong.

The Boeing 747-400 Dreamlifter appeared to lose one of its tyres as it took off, with the wheel catching fire as it disengaged following lift off.

Despite missing one wheel, it did not appear to have any effect on the Boeing, which continued its flight away from the landing strip where it left behind one of its tyres.

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The tyre disaster, which was captured on video by someone close to the strip, showed the wheel bouncing off and through the sky in a blaze of smoke.

Posting the video to Twitter, an aviation tourist account captioned the video: "Boeing 747-400 Dreamlifter has one of its tyres on fire and loses its wheel after take off."

A rush of black smoke can be seen from the undercarriage of the plane before the wheel shoots off, with a trail of smoke following.

It could be seen hitting the ground before bouncing back up and skimming across the ground below the plane.

The wheel was subsequently found, a fair distance from where it had first been lost, with its trajectory taking it well beyond the confines of the airport.

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One user hoping to see the brighter side of the situation said: "On the brighter side, it landed within the airport perimeter."

But it turned out that hope was false, with the aviation tourist account that posted the initial video replying with an image of the wheel, which appeared to be in a forest and was covered with leaves.

Other users found humour in the plane losing its wheel, with one asking whether the plane "needed that?" as they spotted the wheel careering off into the land beyond the airport.

Another user added that they hoped the plane could "land safely when the time comes".

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