Bloke broke into Buckingham Palace to wake up the Queen and down Charles’ booze

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Here's a rhetorical question for Daily Star readers about something we would never encourage you to do – if you broke into Buckingham Palace, what's the first thing you would do?

Well, exactly 40 years ago to the day, Michael Fagan did just that.

And he slunk into the Queen's bedroom while she was asleep drank Prince Charles' “cheap” wine and urinated on the royal dogs' dinner.

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Fagan shot to infamy as the intruder responsible for causing one of the most embarrassing royal security scandals in living memory when he broke in in 1982 when he was aged 32.

“She was sleeping in there on her own,” he recently recalled of spotting the Queen in her bed.

“Her nightie was one of those Liberty prints and it was down to her knees.

“She went past me and ran out of the room; her little bare feet running across the floor.”

Fagan hit the headlines, not just for the break-in, but because he was arrested barefoot – as if besmirching the palace in shoes wasn't bad enough.

He did go in in sandals, he claimed, but it took a while for him to get them back.

Fagan recalled: “I got my sandals returned to me two years later by the security guard.

“'These are Michael's sandals, we found them on the roof,' they said.”

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Once inside the palace, and presumably before he woke the Monarch, he treated himself to a tour of the place.

And he made some strange discoveries on the way to the toilet – which he never managed to find.

“I found rooms saying 'Diana's room', 'Charles's room'; they all had names on them," he told the Independent.

“But I couldn't find a door which said 'WC' – all I found were some bins with 'corgi food' written on them.

“I was breaking my neck to go to the toilet. What do I do? Pee on the carpet? So I had to pee on the corgi food.

“I got into Charles's room and took the wine off the shelf and drunk it – it was cheap Californian.

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“I was loving it… It was like Goldilocks and the Three Bears; I tried one throne and was like 'this one's too soft'.

“I was having a laugh to myself because there was one right next to it, so I tried another.”

Strangely, during his jaunt, two security alarms were triggered, but police ignored them, putting the warnings down to a system error.

He was detained by an unarmed footman, who gave him a shot of Scotch while they waited for officers.

And despite his unbelievable feat making international headlines, Fagan admitted it wasn't the first time he had broke into the palace.

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In fact, it was the second time in two months he had found a way in.

During his first security breach in early June that year, he climbed up a drainpipe and entered through an unlocked bedroom window.

The terrified maid in the room rushed to alert palace security but soon gave up their search after finding no trace of him in her quarters.

That allowed Fagan to freely roam the renowned royal residence for most of the night.

He was given a suspended sentence of just three months in prison for the break-in, but later spent four years in jail jail for conspiring to supply heroin in 1997.

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