Bloke KO’d in one punch knockout and falls to ground headfirst in wild video

A man was brutally knocked out with a single punch during a bizarre street fight as stunned passersby watched on.

Mobile phone footage recorded by an eyewitness shows the showdown in downtown Manhattan, New York City in US, earlier this month on July 7.

Two male adults are seen stopping in the middle of a pedestrian crossing and facing each other.

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The man in white bucket hat bends his knee and stretches his arm and stands up, throwing a quick punch to the man in brown outfit.

The single punch is so strong that it sends the man crashing to the floor head-first.

"Wooooah!" the crowd gasped.

While the one-punch man turns around and picks him up by grabbing his legs, an eyewitness yells: "That's it. No! No!"

The man is knocked out cold completely and is not moving an inch when he is dragged across the floor.

The man who filmed the clash said: "I was with my son when I saw the fight break out.

"I really thought the worst for a moment, but thankfully we did see him wake up."

Last week, a fruit shop worker was attacked and stabbed in the shoulder by a man with a screwdriver.

New York Police released a CCTV footage to appeal to public for information for the horrifble incident in the Brooklyn neighbourhood.

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Officers said in a statment that the man "stabbed the fruit shop employee in the shoulder with a screwdriver, causing a minor puncture wound to his right shoulder".

And in Canada, a sacked builder vented his anger after "getting fired" and wiped out a numner of luxury homes with a digger.

The lakeside properties, which some are marketed £8.9 millions in the same area, were destroyed and partially demolished.


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