Boris right to claim Germany wanted Putin win, says Russian dissident

John Bolton comments on UK politics and Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson was right to say Germany and other western nations were hoping for a swift Russian victory in Ukraine, a Russian-born dissident and historian has said. Dr Yuri Felshtinsky was commenting on controversial remarks by Mr Johnson during an interview with CNN Portugal earlier this month, when the former UK Prime Minister said Berlin’s view was that if an invasion of Ukraine were to happen, “it would be better for the whole thing to be over quickly, and for Ukraine to fold”.

Mr Johnson also suggested the French, led by President Emmanuel Macron, “were in denial right up until the last moment”.

The German government, led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, branded his claims “nonsense” and accused him of having “a unique relationship with the truth”

However, Dr Felshtinsky, who published his latest book, Blowing up Ukraine: The Return of Russian Terror and the Threat of World War III, in August, felt the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip was spot on in his assessment.

He said: “I agree with this statement and with his vision of the events.

“I think this is very accurate in general and in minor details. I think this is precisely what was happening.”

He explained: “I am sure there are a lot of politicians in Europe who will do anything to repeat the Crimea scenario of 2014: ‘Ukraine is taken without fight in one week (or month)… What can we do? Ukrainians choose not to fight for their freedom…’

“In 1938 everyone wanted Czechoslovakia to surrender and not to fight. And Czechoslovakia surrendered.

“And later we were in war with Germany but without 30 divisions which Czechoslovakia had ready to fight, without it heavy industry, etc.

The West was watching in the hope Putin would stop and Ukraine and proceed no further, Dr Felshtinsky said.

He continued: “And it is all Ukrainians fault because they those to fight for their freedom instead of surrendering.

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By contrast, Ukrainians had opted to fight and to stop Putin, Dr Felshtinsky pointed out.

He added: “I am sure many politicians in Europe would prefer Putin to take Ukraine without a war.

“Ukrainians obviously complicated the situation for everybody since they destroyed the Russian army and put Putin in a difficult situation.

“Now he is so irritated and nervous that he is destroying the entire country from the air and thinking and talking about nuclear weapon options.”

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“And now Ukrainians have the strongest army in Europe while Putin has to collect another army.”

However, he warned:  “Now the West does not have a choice. Now the West is obliged to help Ukraine to fight Russia because the other guy – Putin – refused to negotiate and demanded to keep Belarus and Ukraine for the beginning with the intention to proceed to Moldova and later to the Baltic state, without intention to stop there but proceed further.

“Was it safer for France and West Germany when the Soviet Union existed and Eastern Europe was under the control of the USSR than it is right now? Of course.

“But the problem is that Eastern Europe does not want to be under Russia’s control.

“So, France and Germany better accept this reality instead of looking for ways to give Eastern Europe to Putin to pacify him.”

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