Brit captured by Russians in Ukraine shares horror before and after photos

Aiden Aslin, the Brit fighter who was captured by Russian forces in Ukraine and sentenced to death, has shared shocking before and after photographs following his grilling by Kremlin-backed thugs.

Last week, Prime Minister Liz Truss confirmed five British nationals being held in eastern Ukraine were freed, including Aslin, 28, and his close counterpart Shaun Pinner, 48.

Aslin, from Newark in Nottinghamshire, was captured by Russian soldiers in April while fighting as a Ukrainian marine.

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He has been active on Twitter under the handle Cossackgundi since his release on September 21, and took to the site yesterday, September 26, to reveal his treatment at the hands of Vladimir Putin's twisted troops.

"The first photo is a still from an hour before I surrendered to Russian forces on the 12th of April, the second photo is from 48 hours later. I’ll leave it for you to decide on your own opinion," he wrote, sharing two pictures.

In the first, he is seen looking worried but in otherwise good health in a trashed Mariupol. In the second, however, he is seen looking beleaguered and bruised while wearing handcuffs.

Aslin, who has a Ukrainian fiancée and dual citizenship after moving to the country in 2018, was obviously made to pose by Russian troops as he is seen propping his arms arm while his eyes droop.

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The Brit is tweeting from the comfort of the UK after he returned home after being sentenced to death in the so-called Donetsk People's Republic [DPT] for "mercenary activities and committing actions aimed at seizing power and overthrowing the constitutional order of the DPR."

On Sunday evening, Aiden took to social media to express his gratitude to tech billionaire Elon Musk whose satellite internet constellation he used to contact loved ones.

He captioned a video of himself in an abandoned, war-torn warehouse in which he opens by saying: "If you're watching this it means that we've surrendered."

Aiden wrote on Sunday: "Before I surrendered, I made this video I was so scared at this moment but the fact I was able to get this out truly is down to @elonmusk & I want to take a moment to thank you because of your starlink satellite I could inform the world & managed to call my family one last time."


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