Brit couple slapped with £117k horror energy bill immediately feared bankruptcy

A couple were left gobsmacked when they were slapped with a £117,000 British Gas bill after a "meter reading not updating correctly".

Kate and Michael Brown, parents of seven children, from Hampshire, said they had been waiting for their next statement, knowing a larger bill than usual was coming.

However, Kate said that they could never expected the cost to have risen to £112,000 and £5,600 in VAT on top.

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The shocking statement from their provider read: “Your new balance on 16 Nov 2022 – £117,053.18.”

The inaccurate reading left the couple fearing bankruptcy.

The 41-year-old told The Sun Online: “I was shocked – I was holding my breath already.

“I said that is not right. I called [British Gas] and said ‘I don’t think it’s £117,000’ and he said ‘oh no’. It’s ridiculous.”

Kate rushed to tell Michael, adding: “He was pretty shocked – disbelieving that such a large scale company can let these kinds of things happen.”

British Gas said in a statement that a technical error meant the incorrect amount was displayed.

Kate said that she was already getting fed up of British Gas because of service she deemed to be lax.

Once the couple were told their account was £900 in credit, but after speaking with customer support they were told the company hadn’t logged their gas usage.

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Kate said: “I was already a bit fed up. I was already on the phone for more than an hour just trying to find out what the bill would be.”

She said she was shocked that British Gas could send an incorrect bill of that amount when it didn't even "raise alarms" on their end.

Michael, 46, said the couple budget up to £700 for power and gas each month, and expected their bill to jump to around £900 this time around.

“Obviously that’s not real," he said of the inaccurate bill. “It’s a bit frustrating, they’re not really being very careful.

“And people are already stressing about getting their bills.”

British Gas said in a statement: “We’re sorry that Mrs Brown’s bill wasn’t right. This was due to a meter reading not updating correctly.

“We have since resolved this with Mrs Brown and provided a revised statement.”

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