Brit mum’s painful bites after ‘bringing Spanish black flies home in luggage’

A holidaymaker has been left covered in painful bites following a trip to Benidorm which she fears comes from an infestation of Spanish black flies in her suitcase.

Denise Kelly, 42, believes that the foul black bugs snuck back in her luggage after a six-day holiday to celebrate her pal's hen party last week.

Unfortunately, the beasties are blood suckers and often leave bites that can blister and last up to a month on the skin.

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After being bitten before her flight, the mum fell ill on her trip home and drove to the nearest hospital after landing in Newcastle on Sunday (July 3).

Denise explained: ""I had wee red bites on holiday but on our last night I felt a sore pain in my leg and then later on my other leg.

"On the flight home I felt really sick and had diarrhoea.

"When we landed in Newcastle, I picked up my car but my legs were throbbing and the bites were swelling up.

"I was checked over at Hexham hospital but the bites didn't look infected so I drove home to Glasgow."

And her nightmare continued when she noticed flies in her home after unpacking her suitcase reports the Daily Record.

She said: "When I got home I ended up having to go to hospital as the pain was worse. I was prescribed antibiotics and I came home to unpack my case.

"I was sitting on the couch and I saw something quickly fly past me, then I had another bite.

"I noticed more of them and started to look online for my symptoms.

"I found a warning for tourists about Spanish black flies and realised they were everywhere in the house.

"They don't bite you like a mosquito, they gnaw on your skin."

In May, a warning was issued to British tourists planning to travel to Spain regarding the black flies.

The insects, which can grow up to 6mm, don't quickly nip but bite in the form of a saw and can generate a significant wound, sometimes leading to infection.

Severe cases can result in hospitalisation and wounds usually take around four weeks to heal.

She says the stressful situation has left her unable to sleep. "I haven't slept for two nights as I was just terrified," Denise said. "They are so horrible."

"My daughter is also partially sighted and my son has ADHD so we have all been really stressed out at this and having to leave the house.

"The bites can take up to four weeks to heal and my leg is in absolute agony. Even when I'm walking the pressure can make it worse.

"I don't know how they could have gotten into my luggage. I brought some toys back for the kids and they had water in them. It was eggs that 'hatched in water'. I think the flies could have laid eggs inside it.

"We were all terrified."

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Wheatley Homes planned to fumigate the property on Wednesday after the issue was reported on Monday morning.

A Wheatley Homes Glasgow spokesperson said: “The tenant only got in touch yesterday to tell us about these issues.

“We asked our specialist pest control contractor to make this a priority. They carried out a full inspection this afternoon and will return tomorrow to complete the treatment.

"We understand this is a difficult situation for the family and we’ll continue to keep in close contact and do everything we can to help.”

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