Brit trophy hunters post cruel snaps of reindeer they slaughtered on kill trip

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Brits are gunning down reindeer on bloodthirsty hunting trips for a "sick souvenir".

Hunters have forked out £2,000 each for the chance to shoot Santa's pals in the wild and pose for a selfie with the corpse afterwards.

A Devon-based deer stalking company put on an 'Icelandic Safari' where clients claimed a 'trophy' each on their first day of trying.

Ian Farrington, 59, who runs Farrington Deer Services in Axminster, Devon boasted about his successful pre-Christmas shooting trip online.

Posting grim snaps of magnificent beasts turned lifeless corpses on a forum for hunters, Mr Farrington said: "We have returned from another trip to Iceland with 100 per cent success – all hunters taking reindeer bulls on the first day of their hunt."

He added that the trip abroad in November "brings our results to 12 hunts conducted, with all of the hunters taking their beast during day one".

Photos from a previous hunt put on by Farrington Deer Services show dead reindeer bulls in their natural habitat after being cruelly shot by British hunters, the Mail on Sunday reports.

Not leaving their prized targets behind, another snap shows least three reindeer corpses bundled together and strapped onto the back of a bloodied 4×4 on Iceland's rocky Eastern Fjords.

Hunters defend the sport as an effective way of preventing reindeer over populating the country as the Icelandic government permits an annual cull of 1,800 reindeer.

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To join Mr Farrington on the trip to Europe's most remote country next year, bloodthirsty hunters must pay according to their prey.

Shooting a reindeer cow in Iceland over three days with Farrington Deer Services costs £1,890, and for a reindeer bull, £2,165.

In his pitch to hunters to sign up for next year's "jaunt", Mr Farrington explains that as the reindeer have moved to a rougher part of terrain in Iceland, "the ground is just too extreme to attempt to extract two carcasses and three men on a single ATV".

Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, said: "Ian Farrington is quite literally making a killing by selling stomach-churning holidays where you can shoot reindeer for "sport", a smug selfie, and a sick souvenir.

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"Reindeer are increasingly endangered. Scientists say hunting is one of the threats driving reindeer towards extinction."

According to The Farrington website, Iceland is just one of many destinations around the world that the stalking company arranges trips to.

Also advertised on its website are hunts in Italy, Japan and Africa "for the ultimate in game variety and terrain".

The Daily Star has approached Mr Farrington for comment.

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