Brit who goes to warzones for fun stuck in Pakistan after ‘running out of money’

A barmy Brit who was evacuated from Afghanistan by the UN after the Taliban takeover, who is now in Pakistan, has said that he "can't afford any more travel."

Miles Routledge, a physics student at Loughborough University, said he settled on Afghanistan last summer after googling ‘most dangerous countries to visit’ and picking the top entry.

The 22-year-old is now in Peshawar, Pakistan close to the border with Afghanistan, but his plans to rescue a tour guide there who helped him during the Brit's first visit have fallen through, leaving him crestfallen – and broke.

Yesterday (April 25), he said that he was crossing Pakistan's border with Afghanistan in the coming days, and that security forces had blocked his plans to cycle through "ISIS territory."

But today, Routledge said he can no longer afford to travel.

"I don't think you guys understand but I can't afford any more travel," he tweeted.

This tweet followed one where he said he invested over 400 hours and £15,000 on saving his tour guide, who he said is wanted by the Taliban for working for the US in Afghanistan.

"Now that he's backed out at the last possible minute he's ruined me, I'm insanely pessimistic right now. Even if I died on this trip, at least I would have died helping someone. I feel empty," Miles wrote in an earlier tweet.

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Before that, he posted a series of downcast tweets – which have since been deleted – expressing dismay that his trip was ruined and that he was "screwed" because the guide he was due to eject from the country got cold feet.

Miles also said he would still go to Kabul to "produce content" by "doing some charity work and maybe taking a Taliban selfie."

Last Thursday (April 21), the day before his flight out, he revealed that all his friends "think I'm going to die."

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"Said goodbye to my closest friends before I fly out tomorrow. My last words to each was a slur-filled insult," he wrote on Twitter.

The dark tourism fan added: "All my friends believe I'm going to die."

Routledge said he went to Kazakhstan during violent protests there in January to be "a lil goofy, be a little silly perhaps". He has since rebranded himself as a serious "adventurer" and calls himself an "independent war journalist".

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