Britons prepare for mini Spring heatwave as Kirkwood forecast balmy 75F ‘Lot of sunshine’

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts warm temperatures

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The BBC Weather forecaster said an area of high pressure persisting through the whole week will ensure Brits can enjoy some dry and sunny weather. Carol Kirkwood said temperatures will be higher than average, with some areas across the south set to experience balmy 21C highs (75F). But the nice conditions are set to extend through most of the UK, with only a few short-lived showers forecast.

Ms Kirkwood said: “High pressure is firmly in charge of our weather.

“It’s in the east at the moment but over the next few days, it’s going to drift across and drift towards the West.

“So over the next few days, the weather is certainly looking fairly settled for most.

“A lot of clear skies, a wee bit more cloud in Scotland than in England than there was yesterday but it will still break out, we’ll still see some sunshine, we could even see the odd shower in the Midlands and southern Scotland later.

“But that will be the exception rather than the rule, with temperatures 8C in the north to a high of potentially 20C somewhere in East Anglia or the southeast.”

The BBC Weather forecaster continued: “As we head through the evening and overnight, the showers will fade, we will see some mist and fog forming, especially around the Vale of York and Yorkshire generally and also the Tee Valley.

“Rural areas are likely to see temperatures fall away to about freezing tonight but for most of us, it will be just above that.

“Tomorrow we start off with the mist and fog which will tend to clear with time but it could linger in parts of eastern Scotland, potentially for much of the day.”

UK weather: Met Office forecasts warm and sunny conditions

She added: ” But for much of us tomorrow, we are looking at another dry day with a lot of sunshine, the risk of a shower perhaps across eastern England and eastern Scotland but again, it will be the exception rather than the rule.

“Temperatures tomorrow maybe getting on the side of 21C, 75F in old money, across East Anglia and the southeast.

“The average is 10C to 13C north so south this time of year.

“On Thursday it’s a repeat performance. Once again, a lot of dry weather, a lot of settled conditions but a weather front is starting to make some inroads across northwest Scotland and here we’ll see some cloud, some patchy light rain, and some drizzle with temperatures of about 12C.

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“As we move away from northwest Scotland, we can see the increase of temperatures up to the mid-teens at least.”

The unseasonal temperature high is the result of an “air mass transport event” that is pushing conditions in the Arctic 30C higher than usual.

Severe Weather Europe’s Andrej Flis said: “Strong pressure systems in the sub-polar regions are creating a “wind tunnel” from the North Atlantic into the Polar Circle.

“A powerful low-pressure complex over the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Greenland is contrasting against a very large high-pressure zone expanding from northern Europe into Siberia.

“We can see a large area of unusually warm temperatures inside the Arctic.

“This is the air transported on a massive scale mostly from North Atlantic.”

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