Calgary college hockey player says apology not enough for on-ice racial slur

Hockey is often known as a rough game, with tensions running high, fists sometimes flying and insults occasionally yelled between players. But an incident during a college game has one Calgary-based player calling for stiffer penalties when those tensions escalate to racial slurs.

During a game between the SAIT Trojans and Red Deer College Queens earlier this month, Queens player Madison Sansom yelled a racial slur at Trojan Davina McLeod.

In a video from the game obtained by Global News, the two can be seen shoving and speaking to each other on the ice before a referee eventually breaks them up. McLeod appears to continue questioning the referee as Sansom skates off the ice.

According to McLeod, she was called a “dirty f**king Indian.”

“I got tangled in this girl’s stick, we both went down, we started chirping each other. She was like, ‘Get off my stick.’ I’m like, ‘I can’t. You’re on my stick too.’ Then she turns around and that’s when she said the racial slur towards me,” McLeod told Global News on Wednesday.

“I couldn’t believe it. I’m educated and I’m proud of where I’m from and to know that she said it in a way that was supposed to degrade me or make me feel less was just insane. And I’ve been playing in this league for four years.”

McLeod said the interaction made her feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

“I knew it was in a way to make me feel less than her or to make me feel inferior and that was the grossest part about it,” she said.

“I looked at my teammates, I looked at the ref and the linesman and I said, ‘This is what she just said to me,’ but everyone was yelling at that point.

“It was a big scrum. We were kind of divided because no one really knew what was said or why I was so heated because I chirp, but that was infuriating to me.”

College ‘does not condone the choice of words’

According to RDC, Sansom apologized to both McLeod and the Trojans team in person after the game. She also sent a written letter of apology to the team.

“RDC and the athletics program does not condone the choice of words used by our student athlete,” athletics director Diane St-Denis said in a statement.

“Through its own investigation, RDC Athletics determined an appropriate course of action to include community service for the RDC student athlete, which will be completed during the next two months.”

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