Cameron Peak fire update: 14 inches of snow dampened wildfire’s growth

The Cameron Peak fire remained static overnight Tuesday, as the late-summer snowstorm dampened the wildfire’s growth after days of uncontrolled expansion.

The fire is still burning 102,596 acres — or 160 square miles — with 4% containment, said Paul Bruggink, spokesman for the fire response.

Areas of the fire received as much as 14 inches of snow, Bruggink said, though it’s still smoldering underneath the powder.

“This is not a season-ending event by any means,” he said. “We need a succession of these to do it.”

But the dampened activity will allow fire crews Wednesday to assess hot spots and plan courses of action for later in the week, when the weather is expected to warm and dry out, Bruggink said.

An assessment of damage from the fire’s growth over the weekend still has not been completed, he said, as roads remain impassable in some areas.

The Cameron Peak fire remains the fifth-largest in Colorado’s recorded history. All 10 of the largest fires in the state have come since 2002.

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