Canadian Red Cross to end home support services next year

The Canadian Red Cross will stop offering home support services to New Brunswickers early next year.

The organization said it is among 46 non-profit groups and for-profit businesses that offer the same services through the Department of Social Development.

The Red Cross plans to end those services by the end of March 2021.

It wants to shift its focus to other areas that offer more unique value, according to spokesperson Allie Murchison.

“Definitely our disaster services or our emergency management program,” Murchison said. “So you’ll see us helping people out during flood times and times of disaster. That’s something we’re going to be involved in and we’re very much involved.”

Murchison also highlighted the Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP).

“We loan out wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, any kind of health equipment that you may need. We actually loan them out of our offices here (in Saint John),” she said.

The Red Cross has 349 workers for 466 clients across the province.

Murchison said some of those workers will stay with their clients as they transition into the care of other organizations.


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