Canadians detained in Ethiopia granted bail: Alberta MP

Thirteen Canadians who are being detained in Ethiopia have been granted bail, according to Alberta MP Heather McPherson.

McPherson, MP for Edmonton-Strathcona and the NDP’s international development critic, said she has been keeping a very close eye on the situation and her first priority is the safety of the detainees.

“We want to see these Canadians repatriated to Canada as soon as we can but we are trusting to our consular services. I know that the minister and the parliamentary secretary have been involved,” she said Tuesday afternoon.

“They have received bail but there is still a process to go through. They are still incarcerated and as far as I know, there is some things that will need to be done.”

McPherson said she believes the federal government is handling the situation really well and hopes for a quick return to Canada for the detainees.

“The consular services have been outstanding. They are on the ground. They will be staying with the Canadians and supporting them as they go through these next steps and go through this judicial system,” she said.

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