Canary Wharf coronavirus hoax as pranksters stage man collapsing in sick joke

Canary Wharf has been hit by a coronavirus hoax as pranksters staged a man collapsing and suffering a violent coughing fit in a sick joke.

Shoppers and office workers witnessed a man falling over seemingly falling ill amid fears over the coronavirus in London .

Security guards rushed to help him as video showed the moment as he collapsed in the atrium area of the Jubilee Place shopping centre.

They help him out with a cup of water, and then the prankster stands up appearing to have no ill effects at all from his supposed medical episode.

Security officials have now confirmed to Daily Star Online that whole episode was a hoax by a pair of pranksters.

CCTV tracks the coughing man and his accomplice appearing to set up the stunt while carrying a camera.

Footage shows the prankster getting up and chatting with the guard before returning to his pal who is believed to have caught the episode on video.

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Security guards rushed to help the man when he appeared to collapse just after 6.20pm on Monday.

The man was on the floor for around three minutes before he stood back up and appeared to be perfectly fine.

Sources confirmed the Daily Star Online the man was in a “good mood” and was “smiling” after the episode.

After staging the coughing fit, he then went back to his pal and the pair left the shopping centre some while later.

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London Ambulance Service confirmed they did send a team of paramedics to the scene.

The crew however were then informed the ambulance was no longer required.

It came the day before energy firm Chevron announced they were temporarily closing their offices in the area due to a worker reporting symptoms.

In a statement, the firm said they had instructed the 300 employees at their Westferry office to work from home.

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In a statement, Canary Wharf said: “We can confirm the video footage circulating of a man collapsing at Canary Wharf is a prank in an attempt to suggest that the coronavirus is present at Canary Wharf.

“There is no evidence currently of any presence of coronavirus at Canary Wharf.

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“The prank was perpetrated by two individuals who were seen preparing this scenario prior to filming.

“We condemn this irresponsible behaviour which is not helpful at this time heightened awareness.”

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