Charity legend who dons speedos thrown out of pub for ‘breaking dress code’

A serial fundraiser has been thrown out of a pub because his signature speedos did not adhere to the establishments "dress code".

Speedo Mick, whose real name is Micheal Cullen, had recently completed a mammoth charity walk from Liverpool to Land’s End when he stopped to go into a local Cornwall pub.

Wearing his Everton speedos, staff at the Halfway House in Rame Cross, in between Falmouth and Heston, gave him his marching orders to leave the pub.

Mick was filming on Facebook Live at the time of his eviction, as he told followers he was just looking to escape the rain and grab some warm soup.

As reported by Cornwall Live, a staff member can be heard telling him “I can't have you sat in here like this" as he is asked to leave.

While leaving the pub, Mick said: "Well there you go. We're getting thrown out. We can't sit in here like this. We'll go and find another establishment, I'm sure they will help me."

He added: "I couldn't even get a cup of coffee, but there you go. It's alright, what can you do? That was a bit of a bummer wasn't it? I was just about to get some hot soup and they knocked me back.

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"We'll just have to stomp on and just don't worry about it. What can you do, aye?"

The pub has since apologised to Mick and donated to his cause.

Speaking on Facebook about the incident: “We are so sorry and embarrassed we did not know who you were Speedo Mick.

"We would happily donate to your good cause."

In another post, the pub wrote: “We are sorry we asked a gentleman to leave today we did not know who he was and we have a dress code policy within our business. We have and still do lots of work for charity. If we had known who he was and if he was visiting us we would have helped raise money for this amazing cause."

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Following the incident, Mick leapt to the pubs defence by telling people not to leave any negative reviews over his eviction.

He wrote on Facebook: “In all seriousness folks, let's be kind. It's been a difficult time for lots of businesses especially pubs, restaurants etc, they've had a terrible time of it, thankfully many have pulled through.

"Please for me, show love and support they need it. I'm going to ring the pub me self, I hope their alright."

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Mick is currently attempting to raise £250,000 for his charity, the Speedo Mick Foundation, which helps provide support for young people through education, relieving poverty, or the support of mental and physical health.

His current trek, which is 2000 miles long, has taken him from Stornoway on the Western Isles, through Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, and down to Ireland.

From there, he crossed into North Wales, to Cardiff, across the Severn, and then into the South West, hitting Land's End earlier this week before turning around to head up to Liverpool.

You can learn more about his journey by visiting his GoFundMe page.

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