Chechen warlord ‘blackmailing’ men into fighting for Russia in Ukraine

Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov has been blackmailing his own citizens into fighting for Russia on the frontlines of its invasion of Ukraine, a crisis group has claimed.

Independent NGO Severny Kavkaz SOS, or “North Caucasus SOS”, claims that Chechnya has been forcing people into fighting in the bloodiest conflict seen on European soil in decades.

Several people whospoke to the NGOsaid that Chechnian authorities have locked up men who refuse to go to Ukraine to fight and have even gone as far as detaining their families.

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"It is very effective what they came up with. People were simply given a choice: either a huge sentence, or go to Ukraine,” one person, who anonymously spoke to Severny Kavkaz SOS, said.

“And if a big family, then what? If you don’t go, then we’ll substitute your younger or older brother and then send him. They made so many people go there. They intimidate the population," they added.

Researchers for the group also found a case of a man who was detained for violating traffic rules, and ordered to hand over “three guys who use drugs” to be sent to the front lines.

The NGO said that Kadyrov, the Kremlin-back leader of the Chechen Republic, is largely responsible for the horrific arm-twisting of his own citizens.

He has been using Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to curry favour with Mad Vlad by taking an active role in the conflict.

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The bloodthirsty leader has also been in an open feud with rival supporter of Vladimir Putin, Yegevny Prigozhin, the leader of the private military company Wagner group.

Kadyrov sternly rebuked Prigozhin via Telegram earlier this month, calling him a complaining “blogger”.

But despite his apparent politicking, he appears to be a very hot-headed leader.

The Daily Star reportedthat Kadyrov threatened to storm Kyiv in a single tank after being humiliated by Ukrainian hackers, who scammed the notorious leader out of roughly £14,000.

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